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3D Laser Scanning

Some of the applications we can provide services for are listed below. A1scan3D is also interested if you have any scanning application that we have left out. Our Faro equipment has a scan range of 0.6-120 metres up to 976,000 points/sec resolution and 360 o photographic options to suit most applications.

  • Architectural scanning.
  • Scan buildings / facades prior to redevelopment.
  • Industrial scanning.
  • Above or below ground.
  • Forensic scanning.
  • Equipment / structural failures, Accident scenes.
  • Reverse engineering.
  • Recreate obsolete parts to repair old or heritage machinery.
  • Archaeological scanning.
  • Handmade prototypes ready for mass production.
  • As built Scanning to record changes during construction.


The majority of CAD software now operates in the 3D environment. Don't waste time, effort and money re-modelling from old CAD files and site data. Let us scan it into 3D for you.

It is important to note we scan what we see so for the best results……
Planning is very important any previous documentation is useful

  • Some scanning projects are better done at night. Colour photography is not available for these projects
  • It may be required to block access to scan areas for a time


A1scan3d can also convert the scans to solid CAD models using specialised software to interpret the scanned data.  We can also offer design services to compliment the scanning.

For more information, please contact us on 0402 918 260 or 0422 354 309


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